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personalDNSfilter privacy policy

  • Our app does not collect user data in any way; personalDNSfilter is not in any way capable to collect any data
  • As a result we do not share, transfer, sell, store any app user data in any way
  • Our app does not access personal data in any way, but our app needs to store configuration files at the storage of your device
  • The VPN used to filter DNS requests is only locally on your device – there is no connection to our servers
  • Our app will connect your device to a third party DNS server if you apply the pre-configured settings for this feature
  • Our app will download so called host files from servers to compile a filter list – there are pre-configured settings for those host file URLs

Pre-configured applicable DNS providers:

Pre-configured applicable host file providers:


Please visit the privacy policy of the 3rd party service providers for more information.

Here’s the privacy policy for our website. Please don’t hesitate to write us, if you have any questions.