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Hi folks!

Nice to see you here!
My name is Ingo. I’m an IT guy for more than 30 years…
Even after all these years, I still love Java. That programming language is almost as old as I am working in IT.
In my job meanwhile I am mostly working in the quality area. I have left the programming to the younger guys
in professional life, and maybe that’s better… But I can’t keep my fingers still.
So from time to time I still develop some Java stuff in my leisure. I provide it for free and most of it is open source.

I love Android … Yeah! You can develop apps in Java for it!
As I’m more from the core development area, I’m bad in creating GUIs, so please forgive me if there is no super eye candy interface!
However I think my apps are usually really low on resource consumption, they are fast and pretty reliable.
Maybe you find my tiny apps useful? Feel free to check the details about personalHTTPTunnel,
personalHTTPproxy and personalDNSfilter on this site. If not, that’s fine as well … I’m not planning to get famous.

So, have fun!



Zenz Solutions is not a business company.
The name Zenz Solutions was chosen as project name.